About Me

My name is James Morton and I am a photogrpaher & videographer headquartered inside Taylors Mill near Greenville, South Carolina.  Originally from New York City, the son of a strong Puerto Rican mother and Brooklyn-born father, I was raised with the importance of respect and appreciation:  principles I insert into my work on a daily basis.

I received my first camera at the age of 5, a 1991 Remco WWF Hulk Hogan Camera. Fortunately, none of those photos featuring a color imprint of Hulk Hogan on each shot survived but my love of photography did, along with a desire to better my craft. Cameras were a subtle part of my upbringing, I never thought twice about my parents bringing out a camera or camcorder for family functions or events, it’s just the way it was. It just became a matter of fact, of course I should take photos when things happens… and sometimes when they don’t.  Visual documentation is the history of us and I find myself drawn to it as a craft that communicates the past, present, and sometimes the future.


In the Spring of 2014, I decided that I did not want to sacrifice my time and energy for a career I did not care about.  I didn’t want to just show up to work for someone else’s dreams anymore; I wanted to work toward my own dreams instead. My work is meaningful and there is joy in making people happy during our sessions and throughout their experience.  The work we create shares the stories of our lives, our brands/companies, and our histories.


Photography and videography are art forms: they require passion, they require practice, practice, and more practice.  I put in the work outside of what people see to make sure that I am bettering myself and my abilities to best suit what clients want and need.  I owe it to those that hire me to deliver the best and I am proud to deliver what we make together.


Events, sessions, and projects, no matter the scope, must be approached with discipline, skill, and adaptability.  My goal is to ease the process from the very beginning, to remove any uncertainty the day of your session or event, and to maintain professionalism and exceed expectations.


I am fortunate to have found a career in my passion and it is a privilege to be trusted with the stories of individuals, groups, and families.   I’m proud to serve my communities and locations and I look forward to the new faces and places I will document in the future.